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Kitchen Appliances In German

Kitchen Appliances In German
ENGLISH to GERMAN · KITCHEN ITEMS + UTENSILS · cutlery. knife. cheese knife. bread knife. fish knife. fork. spoon. wooden spoon. teaspoon. table spoon. soup spoon. cutlery drawer. worksheet here …
In this lesson, we are going to take a look at a kitchen and learn the names of kitchen furniture, appliances, cutlery, and dishes and how to talk…
Penelope holds a doctorate degree in German and a professional teaching license in the state of Colorado. … In this lesson we will learn many words for traditional appliances as well as common modern electronics that people have in their homes for cooking, cleaning, body care, communication, and entertainment.
German Words related to The Kitchen: Study the vocabulary from the subject area of ‘The Kitchen’ and use flash cards and online games to learn the words.
FURNITURE die Möbel, GARBAGE CAN die Mülltonne, GARDEN der Garten. HAMMOCK die Hängematte, HOME das Heim, HOUSE das Haus, IRON das Bügeleisen, KITCHEN die Küche. LAMP die Lampe, LAWN der Rasen, LAWN MOWER der Rasenmäher, LIGHTBULB die Glühbirne, LIVING ROOM das Wohnzimmer.
die Teekanne, TOASTER der Toaster. TOMATO die Tomate, UTENSILS die Utensilien, VEGETABLE das Gemüse, VINEGAR der Essig, WALNUT die Walnuss. WATER das Wasser, WATER BOTTLE die Wasserflasche, WATERMELON die Wassermelone, WHISK der Schneebesen, YOLK das Eigelb. ZUCCHINI der Zucchini …
Learn kitchen words in German with free audio flash cards and the Lingo Dingo review game.
kitchen appliances translation german, English – German dictionary, meaning, see also ‘kitchen foil’,kitchen garden’,kitchen knife’,kitchen range’, example of use, definition, conjugation, Reverso dictionary.