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New York City Small Kitchen Design

New York City Small Kitchen Design

Ah, New York City living: big on style, small on space. Whether you live in a loft in SOHO or an apartment in the East Village, cramped kitchens are the norm in NYC. Want to make the most of every fabulous square inch you’ve got?

While Thread Collective does a range of projects, usually larger than kitchen renovations, I admired kitchens the firm had designed for a Brooklyn row house and a small city apartment. And I wanted the advice of an architect before speaking with someone who specialized in kitchen design.

This New York City kitchen is a great example of small kitchen design style for apartment life with efficient storage.

New York City has always been at the forefront of style, so it’s typical that the kitchens in the city are beautiful, sophisticated and unconventional. Here are some of our favorite kitchens from our New York City tours—the ones that make great design look effortless and unique solutions seem feasible.

When I purchased my apartment in a landmarked West Village building in 2001, the tiny (8’x6′) kitchen was in pretty bad shape, and super inefficient. … A tiny, Barbie-sized sink can only hold only a few dishes before it’s full, the open shelving catches all the NYC dust possible, and the ancient single-bulb.

New York is one of the capitals of living well in small homes, so it’s no surprise you can get lots of kitchen storage ideas from the tiny apartments of stylish New Yorkers.

To hear about a kitchen no bigger than a walk-in closet is to expect the worst. To actually see this one is to encounter the best. Designer Stephanie Stokes found savvy ways to save space in this big-city kitchen. View Gallery 6 Photos. 1 of 6. mirrored backsplash. Eric Piasecki. Mirrored Backsplash.