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Lee Industries Bar Stools

Lee Industries Bar Stools

OVERALL, W21 D21 H44. INSIDE, W20 D15 H13. SEAT HT, 30. BACK RAIL HT, 44. SHOWN IN. RETIRED FABRIC. STANDARD WITH. WELT KICKPLATE ALSO AVAILABLE COUNTER STOOL HEIGHT AS 7001-51. SHOWN WITH OPTIONS. *Please direct all pricing questions to your nearest LEE Industries Retail Partner.

5206-41. Unskirted High Back Campaign Chair. Campaign Counter Stool 5206-51. Campaign Counter Stool. Campaign Bar Stool 5206-52. Campaign Bar Stool. Dining Side Chair 5471-01C Dining Side Chair. Dining Arm Chair 5471-41C Dining Arm Chair. Dining Side Chair 5473-01. Dining Side Chair. Dining Arm Chair

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